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            • Cloud Information Service Terminal for Intelligent Transport

                Real-time traffic services: roads and berths information refreshed every two minutes

                path query service:comprehensive travel program, driving route plan such as Metro Interchange, shortest walking time and one-touch navigation

                Event information declaration:real-time traffic incident declaration

                microblog declaration service: traffic situation will be published to Sina microblog at regular time, WEB and embedded microblog function in terminal software

            • Portable Radar Tachymeter

              The mobile electronic police (ZIZD-CS) independently developed by ZTE ITS is applied to capture violated vehicles on highways and urban roads.

              visual interface

            • Intelligent Vehicle-Mounted Terminal

                Vehicle GPS monitoring and dispatching management system is developed by ZTE ITS independently facing transport, rental, logistics, first aid vehicle monitoring and management. Based on platforms of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless communication technologies (GPRS/CDMA/3G), video streaming technology, geographic information systems (GIS), it can realize information collection, storage and analysis of vehicles and completion real-time video surveillance and intelligent scheduling.

            • 3G Electronic Police

                The system uses advanced photovoltaic technology, image processing technology, pattern recognition technology and wireless transmission technology to automatically record vehicle violations. The system automatically captures red light jumping vehicles when the light is red and records vehicles passing through the intersection when the light is green, and automatically identifies the vehicle number plate. Our company developed 3G HD electronic police system based on the user's actual business needs. The system supports two ways, including IPC and embedded Integral type.


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