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            Railway traffic

            ·Hainan Eastern Ring Power System


            ·Baoxi Rail Channel (Shanxi Section) Power Project


            ·Nanjing-Hangzhou High-speed Rail Video Conference


            ·Bejing-Shanghai High-speed Rail Video Conference Project


            ·Huangzhi Railway


            ·West Baotou Provincial Boundary To Dabao


            ·Bejing-Kowloon Railway (Beijing Office)


            ·Communication System of Beijing-Shanghai Railway(Shandong Section)


            ·Baolan Railway (Baotou to Huinong Section) Electrification Engineering


            ·Beijing-Tianjin Passenger Line Telephone Subsystem


            ·Four Electric Integrated Transmission And Access Network Systems of Hening Railway


            ·Wuhan Railway Bureau, the Beijing-Kowloon Railway Line Electrification Project


            ·Nanchang Railway Bureau, Fengfu Line (Hengnan Section) Electrification Project


            ·Fengfu Line (Hengnan Section) Electrification and Communication Transmission Expansion System


            ·Nanchang Hub of The Beijing-Kowloon Railway Electrification Transformation Project


            ·Beijing-Kowloon Railway Electrification Engineering


            ·Four Electric Integrated Communications System of Wuhan-Guangzhou Passenger Dedicated Line


            ·Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway


            ·Xiangxi Transmission Access System


            ·Wugang Locomotive Monitoring System


            ·Heilongjiang CRC IP MAN Expansion Renovation Project